• Sharing culture in a special cultural diversity educational program for the Polish children, youth in Leszno and in rural areas
  •  Promoting voluntarism to disadvantaged groups from Leszno Region and rural areas
  • Making CAT magazine with activities
  • organising cultural evenings for local community
  • Supporting language cafe with teaching language
  • Creating promotional events and dissemination materials
  • supporting european projects managed by Fundacja CAT

Other trainings:

On Arrival training
The training will be organized by the stuff of our organisation, during the first week of the stay of volunteers –  in 1-2 month it will be also On Arrival made by NA in Warsaw, Mid Term Evaluation in Toruń or elsewhere defined by National Agency.For the volunteers we are making also : Animation training, we will do the Europass and Erasmus+ training.We will offer the language support in form of the Polish classes that will take place twice per week. As well each volunteer will have mentor.We will provide as well 3 supervisors of activities.

Working hours:
Volunteers will be working 35 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are mostly free.
Volunteers will live in a common flats with max 2 in one room. The kitchen and the bathrooms are common in every flat.The volunteers can prepare the food on their own.Every flat has Internet wireless connections. Every volunteer will receive a Polish SIM card.
- Pocket money – The volunteer will receive monthly pocket money on – 85 euros
- Food allowances - The volunteer will receive monthly food allowance –400 pln 

Volunteer profile:

Speak communicative English - Be enthusiastic and motivated
A long term EVS project needs motivated volunteers. Please show us in your application why you want to join the project and our oragnisation. Make nice interactive movie, song, power pont, poem?:)) whatever creatie way can be!!
· Be proactive -We expect the volunteer to work with us to come up with clear goals and expectations and make the most from his/her time in the EVS. That also means personal involvement in improving own EVS program.
 · Knowing Polish is advantage

DEADLINE FOR APPLICANTS POSTPONED TILL 26.06.2018. If you are interested please send us CV & ML to evs@fundacja-cat.pl


More info: https://fundacjacat.wordpress.com/right-to-know-infopack/