Liczba rekrutowanych wolontariuszy: 1 /projekt rozpoczął się w sierpniu, wolontariusz z Hiszpanii musiał zrezygnować/
Miejsce projektu: Fjaler frivilligsentral
Kraj: Norwegia
Czas trwania projektu: 10 miesięcy od 8.10.2018 /4 wolontariuszy z Turcji, Niemiec, Francji pracuje w 12 miesięcznym projekcie od sierpnia/
Termin aplikacji: 02.10.2018 Należy wysłać CV, List motywacyjny w j. angielskim oraz załączony kwestionariusz.Prosimy o przesłanie ich na adres z dopiskiem Imię i Nazwisko,application Fjaler frivilligsentral




Opis działań:

The project itself is very various, and basic introduce the volunteers for the municipality and learn about how we live and work. You will be able to pick work from regular/general tasks during the week:

The office of Frivilligsentralen,  of couse! This is not an option, but a must. Helping with diff tasks here, very various in the field of coordinating all sorts oflocal voluntary work. The NEWS this autumn are that we will move the office to an old supermarket  (Coop Marked) across the street and be situated there and build up a culture/ youth house with different activities and services, like where you can rent outdoor equipment. This is in cooperation with the culture department and public health coordinator.

The local kindergarden called Yksnebjør barnehage . Assist the children, play with them, pick up Norwegian words, take part in daily kindergarden-life. Learn how a Norwegian kindergarden is organized.

The elementary school called Dingemoen skule. Assist in classes, can be English lessons, extra help for pupils withwith or outdoor activites and creative subjects, acc to the volunteers skills. Learn about the way we run the primary school

Junior High School Assist in Fjaler ungdomskule helping in kantina preparing food, and in classes, can be English, German or Spanish like a language partner.


Library Assist the public library, Fjaler folkebibliotek learn the programme in and out of books, searching, put books back back in the shelfes, own ideas from the volunteers, exhibition. Learn about the public library.

Cinema work  Assist the local cinema, Fjaler Kino from selling tickets and food/ drinks to put the fil on and tiding after the movie. Free tickets to all movies shown

Mental challenged . Assist mentally challenged, in leisure activities like disco (food and dance) swimming and football. It is also possible to help some of them more and where they stay during day, at a shelterd working place and daycentre. Good opportunity to learn about mental challenged people and the way they live.

Activities in voluntary organisations  Assist in activities run by volunteer organisations, like folk dance for children, theatre for youth, eventsin sports and culture. Also helping out in the Jakob Sande-accociation, a cultural heritage place with diff buildings, like serving, helping at events, practical tasks and summercafè


Refugees Assist in activities with and for refugees, most adults : international café, food table, Norwegian training, sports training and so on. We have in Fjaler around 45 settled refugees in a introduction programme, mostly from Eritrea, but one family each from Iran, Afghanistan and Syria. The age is from 0 – 40. The children attend kindergarden and school and other activities.


Driving food Driving dinner home to a list of eldery and mental challenged people twice a week, like for 1,5 – 2 hours in Dale together with an assistant who knows everything. This is how people who need help can get food.

Ad hoc tasks Helping out for smaller to bigger events and jobs, tiding up, carrying, painting, all sorts of practical tasks together with municipality, schools and locals.

Teaterfestivalen I Fjaler In Fjaler there is a Theatrefestival in September will take place. This year is the 6th festival since start. Here the volunteers join together with the local volunteers . Tasks can be: serving and selling food, decorating and help in the diff performances acc to the need of the companies. The initiative of this festival comes from a young couple in Dale who works a theatre producers and instructors.

Summertime During summer, there are several festivals, like our Dalsfjordveka and Red Cross Camps nearby and other musicfestivals in the region where the volunteers can join in and see more of the district

On your own.  Your own project, what can you offer?  Put in some ideas her if you have some already!