WHERE: Poland 
WHEN: 05.02.2019 - 06.12.2019 = 305 days 
- promoting the learning of new knowledge, skills, attitudes and values essential for personal development and application in society, for creating and supporting an individual volunteer educational plan
- increase of media-related competences and knowledge of foreign languages
- promoting intercultural dialogue, shared values, solidarity, freedom and tolerance
- creating a space for mutual exchange of experience in the field of working with children, youth and adolescents, adults

- learning as active citizens, expressing solidarity, helping their own / foreign communities

Call For Volunteer >>Dive 

Other trainings:

On Arrival training
The training will be organized by the stuff of our organisation, during the first week of the stay of volunteers –  in 1-2 month it will be also On Arrival made by NA in Warsaw, Mid Term Evaluation in Toruń or elsewhere defined by National Agency.For the volunteers we are making also : Animation training, we will do the Europass and Erasmus+ training.We will offer the language support in form of the Polish classes that will take place twice per week. As well each volunteer will have mentor.We will provide as well 3 supervisors of activities.

Methodological trainings: street art, animation, teaching approaching etc.

Working hours:
Volunteers will be working 35 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are mostly free.
Volunteers will live in a common flats with max 2 in one room. The kitchen and the bathrooms are common in every flat.The volunteers can prepare the food on their own.Every flat has Internet wireless connections. Every volunteer will receive a Polish SIM card.
- Pocket money – The volunteer will receive monthly pocket money on – 4euro x305 days
- Food allowances - The volunteer will receive monthly food allowance –400 pln 

-Be able to work in an International team. Be able to take lead/charge in events, happenings. Critically analytical people are welcome. -Candidate should have interest in creative writing: Volunteer will be responsible for writing international blog , updating social media .  -Candidates with experience in graphic design: Volunteer will be responsible for creating advertisements, making of short movies or/and updating social media, editing and posting photographs. 


Deadline to apply:06.12.2018. In order to apply please send CV and Creative motivation presentation to the title put your name and surname, DIVE project. Final confirmation will take place up to 20/01/2019 /you will get invitation for skype first/

More Info: