Country: Any
Places: 10
Where: Leszno 64-100
Age: 18-30
●    The ability to work in a team
●    Sense of Initiative
●    Problem solving and adaptability
●    Maintaining communication and dialog , networking
●    The ability to plan and prioritise work
●    Punctuality
●    Time & space management, initiative development
●    Report writing
●    Improving interpersonal skills, learning to learn.
●    Enthusiasm and self organisation
●    Speak communicative English, any other language is an asset.

Depending on your motivations to volunteer abroad, learning more about each of these categories can help you narrow down your program choices. Each type of volunteer program has its own advantages and disadvantages, so before starting your research, consider making a list of what these are for you personally. We aim to develop neighbouring surroundings by expressing solidarity. Promoting education, volunteering opportunities. Volunteering will help you learn new skills and competences necessary for current labor market. Promoting the learning of non formal education, skills, attitudes and values essential for personal development and application in society. Creating and supporting an individual development plan . During winter school breaks , volunteer supervise, manage and create workshops for kids. Volunteer will learn how to manage large crowds using animation or public speaking.
Work closely with youth to build up trust and shoe encouragement.  

Volunteer is covered by CIGNA health insurance by his/her sending organisation. EU projects are financed , therefore volunteer receives POKET money 120EU and FOOD allowance 400PLN . Travel tickets ( round trip) are reimbursed up to the ERASMUS+ limit , with all original tickets. Local bus tickets will be provided if needed for commuting. In case of LONG term volunteering ON ARR & MID TERM (compulsory) training are fully covered by National Agency.
Volunteer will share a flat/house with other volunteers. Residences are fully equipped with all everyday necessities + WIFI. All our flats are within walking distance to the offices and local amenities.
Outside EU participants will receive polish SIM card.
Working hours and tasks will be set on AA agreement . Volunteer is entitled to 2 days off a week and 2 days holiday a month. Working weekly hours shall not exceed 35hrs. Bank holidays and religious customs are followed as by polish traditions
●     To provide information on education, health, and welfare awareness
●     To create educational activities young people
●     To help in the collection and collating of information e.g. social media filtering, web updating
●     To assist in compiling statistics relevant to volunteer work
●     To take part in small scale events, tasks such as ice skating , outdoor sports .
●     To provide language support, as appropriate, non formal activities in linguistic area internet research.
●     To communicate and share any relevant information with the team, such as country information
●     To assist with some administrative duties, for example; data inputting, filling, photocopying etc.
●     To welcome and screen young people in WINTER CAMS
●    Make workshop suitable for children, youth & adults of variety of themes .
●    Attend scheduled meetings
●    Evaluation
●    Represent own culture and customs.
●    Volunteer will develop intercultural dialogue
●    Independence and the ability to work on deadline
●    Conducting research
●    Communicating effectively
●    Artistic expression
●    Critical thinking
●    Expressing solidarity
●    Feedback giving/receiving , implementing
●    Sense of self-determination
●    Intercultural sensitivity
●    Presentation skills, public speaking, even hosting.
● Send us your CV and Motivation Letter to, In reference, your full name and date of project.
● The next step is a Skype  BE AVALIABLE FOR SKYPE INTERVIEW 10-15min, informal.