Country: EU Countries or Biometric Passports only
Places: 3
Where: Leszno 64-100
Age: 18-30


  • The ability to work in a team
  • Sense of Initiative
  • Problem solving and adaptability
  • Maintaining communication and dialog , networking
  • The ability to plan and prioritise work
  • Punctuality
  • Time & space management, initiative development
  • Report writing
  • Improving interpersonal skills, learning to learn.
  • Enthusiasm and self organisation
  • Speak communicative English, any other language is an asset.

Do you have a skill or a passion that you would like to share with others?


  • Organise winter workshops for children and young people adapted to different ages with the help of Cat Fundacja,
  • create activities alternative to spending free time for local youth,
  • to pay attention to the essence of the matter social activity and volunteering;
  • develop their interests,
  • In addition, volunteers will carry out responsibilities on the premises of the CAT Foundation and the local Workshops.
  • Help lead workshop for an international day of Grandmother 21/01/2020
  • Volunteer should have interest in creating an activity for international day of Pizza 09/02/2020
  • Take organising part in the World Day of Justice 20/02/2020
  • Volunteer should have an interest in the leading workshop concerning International Battle with Depression 23/02/2020
  • Work closely with youth to build up trust and shoe encouragement. ideos/1925900437719810/.


  • Volunteer is covered by CIGNA health insurance by his/her sending organisation.
  • EU projects are financed, therefore volunteer receives POKET money 120EU and FOOD allowance 400PLN . Travel tickets ( round trip) are reimbursed up to the ERASMUS+ limit , with all original tickets. Local bus tickets will be provided if needed for commuting.
  • In case of LONG term volunteering ON ARR & MID TERM ( compulsory ) training are fully covered by National Agency.
  • Volunteer will share a flat/house with other volunteers. Residences are fully equipped with all everyday necessities + WIFI. All our flats are within walking distance to the offices and local amenities . Outside EU participants will receive polish SIM card. Working hours and tasks will be set on AA agreement .
  • Volunteer is entitled to 2 days off a week and 2 days holiday a month. Working weekly hours shall not exceed 35hrs. Bank holidays and religious customs are followed as by polish traditions


  • To provide information on education, health, and welfare awareness
  • To create educational activities young people
  • To help in the collection and collating of information e.g. social media filtering, web updating
  • To assist in compiling statistics relevant to volunteer work
  • To take part in small scale events, tasks such as ice skating , outdoor sports
  • To provide language support, as appropriate, non formal activities in linguistic area
  • internet research
  • To communicate and share any relevant information with the team, such as country information
  • To assist with some administrative duties, for example; data inputting, filling, photocopying etc.
  • To welcome and screen young people in WINER CAMS
  • Make workshop suitable for children, youth & adults of variety of themes .
  • Attend scheduled meetings
  • Evaluation
  • Represent own culture and customs.


  • Volunteer will develop intercultural dialogue
  • Independence and the ability to work on deadline
  • Conducting research
  • Communicating effectively
  • Artistic expression
  • Critical thinking
  • Expressing solidarity
  • Feedback giving/receiving , implementing
  • Sense of self-determination
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Presentation skills, public speaking, even hosting.


  • Send us your CV and Motivation Letter to
  • The next step is a Skype Call so that you may understand your role as a volunteer and our organisatiom