Project: From leaders to ambassadors
Duration: 18.11.2020 to 23.12.2020 (35 days)
Country: Poland
Places: 11 international Volunteers 
Where: Leszno 64-100 (between Wrocław/Poznań)
Age: 18-30
Deadline: 25.10.2020
  1. Culture
  2. Citizenship and democratic participation
  3. Human rights


Short term goals of the project :

  • increasing the willingness of volunteers to take action and intervention on issues socially relevant,
  • increasing understanding of the needs of local communities,
  • increasing the number of social actions,
  • implementation of activities in the context of social revitalisation,
  • strengthening other volunteering groups in our area.
Long-term goals:
  • development of the Leszno Volunteer Center, local activity and perception of volunteering,
  • in which volunteers and organisers want to act socially for the development of their city,
  • opening at Leszno Migrant Info an information point run by volunteers for foreigners coming to the Leszno region,
  • increasing the ability to correctly diagnose the needs of residents and creating an educational and cultural offer,
  • expansion of the contact network.



Arts and Crafts talents / High Energy / Drawing / Graphics / Woodworking.
Interest in working on Youth Camp / Sports & wellbeing lovers / Advertising & Guerrilla Marketing.



  • Europass - Language Passport,
  • Youthpass,
  • Europass - Mobility Certificate


A4: 18 NOV - 23 DEC 2020

  • 35 days Project for 11 applicants conduct recreational workshops for disadvantaged kids/ youth. Volunteers will coordinate, conduct and supervise all recreational activities for children and young teenagers volunteers will conduct educational workshops for children and youth in schools NON-Formal education. Together with Polish volunteers of the Action Reaction initiative group, which is part of Leszczyński Volunteer Center will design workshops of science or experiments nature, culture & geographic, sports & well being. Need to promote social cohesion and improve individual well-being from a young age, an alternative way of spending free time and promote ESC volunteering.

SUPPORT By involving a common "Learning mentor” pedagogical degree MENTOR will work to impose management structures and sense of responsibility.


Volunteer receives: Pocket money, Food allowance, Accommodation, Health insurance, Reimbursement for travel tickets in and out of the project. Infopack attached.


In order to apply: 

  1. Please send CV to / In the title put your name and surname, From Leaders to Ambassadors project
  2. Then you will get an invitation for skype (other Video Call might be available, ask for it)
  3. If you don't have SO please let us know, we can try to help. 

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Co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union