Leszno - Spread Your Wings!  

ESC individual long term volunteering project 
As the goal of the project, volunteers will support the organisation with activities aimed at tackling social issues facing the Leszno community, such as poverty, combating racist and xenophobic attitudes, concerns related to multiculturalism, and issues arising from lack of information relating to climate change. Solidarity and inclusion is at the heart of everything the organisation does, and this should be reflected in the activities of volunteers also. Volunteers will expand the cultural and educational offer in Leszno by increasing the number of activities promoting European values, solidarity, European citizenship, the functioning of the European community and increasing linguistic, social and cultural learning in the local community. We also work closely with the Leszno volunteer centre to tackle issues from the bottom up, identifying and organising around issues which are relevant to the local community. Volunteers will facilitate this by creating their own workshops.
- Inclusion
- Community development
- Human rights
12 MONTHS November 2021 - October 2022

In exceptional cases, the coordinating organisation may shorten the project to 10 months.
WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS in aged 18-30 years old FROM:
- Spain, 
- Greece, 
- Italy, 
- Tunesia, 
- Bosnia & Herzegovina
Volunteers will be housed in one of the three, fully equipped, flats rented by the organisation, living with other volunteers, and sharing a bedroom with one other volunteer. All the houses are within walking distance of the two offices, so transport won't be required or covered for getting to the office, however, bicycles are provided in each flat. Any travel outside of Leszno for activities related to the organisation will be organised and covered by the organisation. Volunteers will receive 14 PLN per day (~420 PLN per month) as a food allowance, and a pocket money allowance (4 EURO/day)
Throughout the volunteering period, volunteers will receive regular training, beginning with an "orientation week" upon arrival aimed at introducing volunteers to live in Leszno. During this week, basic Polish lessons will be provided, which is then supported by access to the OLS (Online Linguistics Support) platform. On arrival training will be provided from the National Agency, as well as a mid-term training, with ESC volunteers from across Poland. The organisation will provide group coaching on a fortnightly basis, as well as a weekly evaluation session with the coordinators.
We are looking for 2 motivated and open-minded volunteers, particularly passionate about issues relating to youths and inclusion, who want to make a genuine impact in the local area. Participants should be at least 18 years old and no more than 30 years old at the date of the activity. Ability to speak English to the extent necessary for basic communication. No barriers to participating in outdoor activities and an articulate motivation to participate are required. We have 3 different roles: 
  • I. Leszno Volunteering Centre
    Volunteers will support the activities of the Foundation in such a way that they will join the activities of the Leszno Volunteering Centre (LVC), which has been operating since 2014. They will have a chance to meet Polish volunteers, integrate, exchange experiences.
    As part of the cooperation with LVC, they will prepare and lead independently sports activities (with language support from Polish volunteers) of an open character for young people from Leszno. Volunteers will conduct Action-Reaction meetings. The description of the Action-Reaction activities can be found in the next section of this application (additional elements of the action) LVC is also involved in the promotion of volunteering, solidarity actions, EU Programmes and mobility, therefore the volunteers will conduct classes in schools, presenting the ESC Programme, Erasmus+, Youth Portal, Eurodesk Poland activities and the self-development benefits of mobility and active citizenship. The international volunteers within the LVC will lead the activities of Chill Out Zone (common room for youth) will promote the idea of solidarity, volunteering and cross-border mobility, thanks to which they will have the opportunity to integrate with the local community, make new acquaintances and understand the specifics of the applicant's work with youth and its problems and current challenges - in particular, mental health issues and dealing with stress - classes will be conducted using relaxation techniques, yoga, assertiveness training and manual DIY workshops. Volunteers will lead activities according to their dispositions and competencies, their design will train self-reliance and initiative at work.
    Volunteers will also run volunteer cafes - these are meetings describing volunteer projects for local volunteers and youth, implemented in the Leszno Library. 

  • Street working  
    Within this action volunteers will work with young people, who spend a lot of time away from home, on the "street", organising their time on their own without the support and care of responsible adults. The work will be carried out in socially degraded districts and housing estates, where there is a larger number of families than elsewhere, in which various problems accumulate, such as poverty, unemployment, alcoholism, domestic violence, the deficit of educational skills and resourcefulness in life.
    Volunteer trainers will reach out to young people, who do not attend local daycare centres or participate in sports clubs and community centres. clubs and community centres. The idea will be to attract young people with fewer opportunities to the applicant, to present them with an offer of potential development and encourage them to use the youth centre and take part in the activities offered by the applicant.
  • Day-to-day administrative work of the Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej
    Volunteers will also support the Foundation in their office work - handling correspondence with partner organisations in the field of youth exchanges and training and volunteering, carrying out external promotional activities and assisting in the recruitment of volunteers for short-term volunteering (developing infopacks, handling correspondence, video calls).
    Volunteers will be involved in promoting DEOR projects and activities for international projects EKS, Erasmus+, the Eurodesk point run by the Foundation and by publishing reports and co-leading pre-departure trainings
APPLICATIONS: Please send your CV and cover letter (can be in the creative form e.g. video, infographics, song) to the following email address: karolina@fundacja-cat.pl & fundacja.cat@gmail.com