Short-term project in Poland 

Name: Social Wizards - 

Founding: Team Volunteering ESC

Recruiting: 12 Volunteers Now!!!

Deadline for Application: -

Where: Leszno, Poland ( between Poznan and Wroclaw)

When: 25-10-2021 to 22-12-2021



  1. The international volunteers within the framework of the applicant's activity Chill Out Zone (common room for youth) will promote the idea of solidarity cross-border mobility.
  2. They will run animation activities with young people and Polish volunteers - karaoke, board games evenings and DIY workshops (paying attention to ecology, upcycling).
  3. Will promote volunteering and solidarity ideas through activities in secondary schools in the region - information stands will be set up
  4. Workshops for youth around mental health & stress relief.
  5. Volunteers will work in the kitchen of local food bank and make dishes to prevent food waste
  6. Volunteers will plan together and organise minimum 2 flash-mobs on climate issues and global warming.
  7. World Freedom Day 09/11 - volunteers will record together a film in which they talk about the concept of freedom and the aspects of freedom which they will tell from the perspective of their own country and their cultural and historical experiences what freedom means to them.


Contact and more info: 

Tetyana Didur Coordinator of international and local projects, short-term volunteer supervisor, consultant of the Eurodesk Poland Information Point

tel. +48 576 216 536



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