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as an International Volunteer!

At the CAT Foundation, we implement European Union projects involving youth mobilities. Coming to the Foundation as part of international volunteering is about sharing and developing your skills, learning about other cultures, working in an international team, discovering yourself, supporting the organisation with your work for the local community.

Below you will find answers to questions you may have if you are considering becoming a volunteer at our Fundacja CAT.

Main questions

Who are International Volunteers? 

They are 18-30 year old individuals who come from different countries and backgrounds to help solve problems and promote social development in other parts of the world through various activities. They work on a voluntary basis, which means that they aren't paid for their work. His travel and stay are covered by EU funds. 

What I'll do as an International Volunteer in Fundacja CAT?

Working as part of a team, volunteers are given various tasks, e.g. developing ideas for local activities, leading thematic workshops, delivering activities using non-formal education, conducting language classes, visiting schools and kindergartens, creating summer and winter half-day camps for children, taking part in and creating events for the community such as festivals and picnics and creating content related to the project theme. 

How long does the volunteering last?

In Fundacja CAT we run two types of projects. Projects lasting between one month and 2 months are short-term projects (team volunteering) and anything beyond this duration is long-term volunteering.

How can I apply? 



More questions


What skills and experience are required to become a volunteer in Fundacja CAT?


Does Fundacja CAT have experience working with volunteers?

As a fully-fledged organisation, we have existed since 30 December 2008. We have been hosting volunteers for 15 years. We have worked with volunteers from Europe but also from the furthest corners of the world. We have implemented more than 30 volunteering projects.

What benefits do I gain by being an International Volunteer in Fundacja CAT? 


What are the conditions of accommodation and is food provided for volunteers by Fundacja CAT?


Will I get support and training form Fundacja CAT?

......  Yes! 

Where can I find more details? Who can I contact?


Anouar Rejeb

Project coordinator assistant,

volunteers recruiter

tel. +48 733 271 605