European Information Point vol 2

The project ” Eurodesk Leszno- European Information Point " will take place in Spain, La Coruna from 01.09-30.06.2018/10 months/ for one polish volunteers and in Leszno, Poland from 04.10 - 31.07.2018 for volunteers from Belarus, Serbia, Armenia and Spain.
All of the volunteers will be involved in supporting european informoton points, contribute intenational activities, and share the knowledge about european history and values in the regions. 
The project aims at disseminating the EVS philosophy in the local community and encouraging the youth to take part in the EU programmes, through intercultural and ecuation activities and to create and strengthen links between the different organizations
involved in the project.
The objectives of the project are:
- To share participants’ Erasmus+ and EVS experiences with youth leaders and workers in Leszno and La Coruna.
- to open for new cultures and fighting with existing stereotypes 
- To give detailed information and steps of becoming EVS volunteer
- To create international exchange in small villages and to involve not just youth workers, also their community in different activities.
- To promote volunteerism and active participation and citizenship among youth in the regions.
- To encourage personal and professional development of EVS volunteers through the project and its different activities.
-to provide opportunity to develop key competences for lifelong learning;
- to develop preparation and competences for future work of the participants

The project involves a total of 35 hours per week working in the office of EURODESK POINT /Spanish or Polish/, where the volunteer will work with the responsible of the preparation of different workshops, info days, flash mobs and structured meetings on
experience abroad in schools, teaching languages on non formal way.

We intent to relise the project as we realise information in 21 century is KEY ELEMENT of existence. And as partner countries has less access to opportunities and its sometimes hard to organise visas, permission to explore world we decided their motivation will help us to encourage youth from Leszno to see their luckiness which sometimes they are not able  to see. We decided to add to this mixture Spain becuase of huge unemployment rate,and form our experience 100% of finding job i after long term EVS.

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  • Ruben z Hiszpanii- do 09.2018

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